Future-thinking Content-Meets-Commerce Experience

When Net-A-Porter launched in 2000, it was a turning point in digital luxury experiences. It brought a whole new meaning to luxury delivery and digital service. But by 2016, the market was in flux; with imitators crowding market share and fashion brands rapidly expanding their own digital capabilities.

The pre-eminent e-commerce brand came to Code and Theory to devise the ultimate content-meets-commerce experience that would capture the attention of the next generation of shoppers.

Net-A-Porter had strong capabilities in their editorial offer of The Edit and Porter magazine. Whilst readers of this content were some of Net-A-Porter’s most valuable customers – there was potential to increase conversion by optimising access to this inspirational content for a wider customer base.

Deep-diving to understand motivations of the next generation of customers allowed us to place content where it mattered most in the purchase journey.

For a period of 8 weeks, Code and Theory was deployed within the Net-A-Porter world to derive a future-thinking content-meets-commerce experience. Collaborating closely through series of workshops and interviews, our strategy leveraged customer data to create a seamless experience across each touchpoint and channel.

Our future-proofed road-map will serve a contextual and truly personalised experience to digitally native luxury shoppers in years to come.

  • Role ACD Code & Theory
  • For Net-a-Porter
  • Date Feb 2016 – 8 Weeks Sprint
  • Type Strategy Piece

User Journey Concept Video for Net-a-Porter


Serving content that responds to fashion occasions.

Serving content that educates you on how to implement trends your way.

Responding to social topics.


We developed two modes of fashion shopping – Fashion focused & Stylish Prgamatist.* These allowed us to devise the new offering based on shopping habits and customer intent – leveraging the on the I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy moments.


Our editorial strategy – which focused on occasion and personal style based articles as being both high value to the user and and area which other publishers had not capitalised on. We combined this with the publishing model to allow Net-A-Porter to become the go to for fashion editorial and e-commerce.


We combined the shopping patterns of the younger audience with social browsing habits to create a publishing and distribution plan which allowed Net-A-Porter to target their customers with the right type, length and format of content across the day, week and year.


We looked at a set of journeys across the new ecosystem to show how editorial supported the both inspirational and need based journeys.