Global Grad Show Website Redesign

Short and sweet six weeks project!
GGS came to C&T London with the challenge of redesigning their very old school looking site (currently displayed on the URL) with a very tight budget. This time wasn’t only about the User Experience side of things but also giving them a well needed brand refresh.

The project consisted of 2 weeks define, 2 back to back workshop sessions with the client to understand their needs and define their new brand attributes and 4 weeks of design.

C&T and GGS came up with the new brand attributes and new tone of voice through collaborative session with the client which will soon be translated onto the new site once launched. An agile and lean approach was the best way to tackle such a tight deadline. 15 Reusable modules for 5 Templates.

We are curious and easily approachable.

Our creativity inspires us and the world. We believe that true innovation comes from original ideas.

GGS is fresh, and enthusiastic. We have an optimistic view of the future.

We support design and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. We make a good and ethical impact.

We are international, one of the very best key trade marks of GGS.

  • Role ACD Code & Theory
  • For Global Grad Show Dubai
  • Date May 2017 – June 2017
  • Type Brand, Web, UX, Responsive
  • URL