SPACE. Find Your Phone Life Balance

Smartphone technology has become a critical part of our daily lives. It helps us connect, produce, learn, laugh, and develop. But with it comes a steady stream of fast-paced, bite-sized, addictive information. We snack, scroll and swipe for hours a day, ignoring the social, physical and relational consequences. We are at risk of forgetting what it means to be present with our friends, our family, ourselves; to concentrate, to be bored, to daydream.

SPACE team (with a large knowledge on the different behavioural types across smart phones) and C&T partnered up to create this app that would reward users on how often and when to use their phones, being able to set up goals and share with their loved one to reach a healthier and happier life.

A very lean (but capable) team of 1 project manager,
1 Strategist, 1 UX and 2 Designers came up with the concept and branding of SPACE in less than 6 weeks. Two back to back workshop sessions with the client helped C&T to understand the business needs and come up with its brand attributes and all the app wireframes that then were turned into these fun designs!

Look out for SPACE. Coming up very soon!

  • Role ACD Code & Theory
  • For SPACE
  • Date March 2106 – April 2016
  • Type Full branding, App