Red Valentino E-Commerce Proposal

The idea for Red Valentino new site, is to create a site that inspires young women how to dress, how to mix and match their items in their closet and be up to date with what’s happening out there.

We want to create what the ideal E-Magazine would be, that not only offers product but a whole lifestyle around them.

Since Red Valentino doesn’t have the typical fashion house events such as fashion shows, it is necessary to create contents drawing inspiration from other worlds: art, lifestyle, design, music, and treat the brand as a “Taste-maker” brand introducing young women to high fashion and create a whole lifestyle around it.

We should consider Red Valentino as a publisher, and so we did.

  • Role ACD Code & Theory
  • For Red Valentino
  • Date September 2015
  • Type Brand, Web, E-Commerce