NOWNESS App Proposal

Since it’s launch, Nowness has become a prestigious award winning platform. As part of this commitment to being at the forefront of the creative industry, it’s next priority is to increase accessibility, to new and existing users, by creating a leading mobile/tablet and TV experience.

We developed this proposal to make sure that our thinking and any future works is fully integrated within the Nowness ecosystem.

How to win? Creating a compelling product proposition that plugs into and enhances your customers lifestyle. The Nowness app should focus on a core set of content, features and functionality that creates an immersive and addictive viewing experience and connects the content with a user every day.

  • Role ACD Code & Theory
  • For Nowness
  • Date June 2016
  • Type UX


An experience that responds to his behaviours which makes Sam feel the app is built just for him.


Never a dead end: The app gives additional content, related to the video being watched, that helps Sam get deeper with the content and culture that interests him.


Ability to share information with friends make Sam feel he has greater social capital within his community to discuss and debate further.


Offer an enhanced experience on the App when users are watching the Nowness TV app for increased control and content through the companion device.